Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations

Poster numbers were randomly assigned.


1 Wuddineh, Wegi - University of Tennessee

Identification and molecular characterization of switchgrass AP2/ERF transcription factor superfamily, and overexpression of PvERF001 for improvement of biomass characteristics for biofuel

2 Dalid, Cheryl - University of Tennessee

Genetic diversity analysis of lowland switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) using SSR (Simple Sequence Repeats) markers

3 Songsomboon, Kittikun - Cornell University

Heritability and genetic gain from selection for resistance to Bipolaris leaf spot in switchgrass

4 Grant, Joshua - University of Tennessee

Tissue and suspension culture of Panicum hallii

5 Chen, Shiyu - University of Wisconsin

Genome-wide association study on biomass quality traits in switchgrass diversity panel

6 Nayak, Santosh - University of Tennessee

Genetic gain in biomass yield of ‘Kanlow’ switchgrass from phenotypic selection

7 Anderson, Bill - USDA-ARS

Optimal water and nutrient needs for Elephantgrass production as a bio-fuel feedstock

8 Palacio-Mejia, Juan Diego - University of Texas

Cold tolerance responses in Panicum hallii

9 Sykes, Virginia - University of Tennessee

Diallel analysis of traits associated with biomass and ethanol yield in switchgrass

10 Sykes, Virginia - University of Tennessee

Reduction of ethanol yield from switchgrass infected with rust caused by Puccinia emaculata

11 Collins, Gracie - University of Tennessee

Comparison of two Panicum mesophyll protoplast isolation and transformation systems

12 Pigna, Gaia - University of Tennessee

Cryopreservation of switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) protoplasts

13 Schwartz, Scott - University of Texas

Transcriptomic responses to multi-year drought stress across diverse switchgrass accessions

14 Zhao, Bingyu - Virginia Tech

A systematic physiological and morphological evaluation of drought tolerance in forty-nine switchgrass lines

15 Kim, Keonhee (Anna) - University of Tennessee

Reducing inorganics in lignocellulosic biomass utilizing microwave assisted acid extraction

16 Millwood, Reggie - University of Tennessee

Pollen-mediated gene flow in switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.)

17 Ali, Shahjahan - Sam Roberts Noble Foundation

Field evaluation of switchgrass NAM population

18 Hamilton, Choo - University of Tennessee

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy models for prediction of inorganic composition of biomass

19 Reilley, John - USDA

Working on the Edge – Developing Strategies for Improving Survivability and Performance of South Texas Seed Mixes

20 Reilley, John - USDA

Needs and strategies for ensuring commercial availability of adapted native plants

21 Ecker, Geoffrey - University of Connecticut

Analysis of switchgrass in coastal and inland habitats reveals genetic diversity and a unique Southern New England Lowland Tetraploid (SNELT) genotype

22 Bergstrom, Gary - Cornell University

Switchgrass leaf rust in U.S. caused by two genetically and morphologically distinct, yet, closed-related fungi

23 Crawford, Ryan - Cornell University

Development of Switchgrass Gall Midge Susceptible and Resistant Cave-in-Rock Populations

24 Hoffman, Lindsey - Rutgers University 

Quantification of yield losses associated with anthracnose infection of switchgrass

25 Gould, Billie - Michigan State University

Cell wall characterization in upland and lowland Switchgrass and Panicum hallii and future research directions in an emerging model

26 Rials, Tim - University of Tennessee

The IBSS Partnership: Deploying an Advanced Biofuels Industry in the Southeastern United States

27 Mazarei, Mitra - University of Tennessee

Development of hybrid switchgrass for improved biomass traits and field assessment

28 Mazarei, Mitra - University of Tennessee

Monthly time course field analysis of COMT-knockdown switchgrass: gene expression, lignification, recalcitrance, and rust susceptibility

29 Wang, Siqun - University of Tennessee

Nanomaterial from switchgrass

30 Tornqvist, Carl-Erik - University of Wisconsin

Genetic analysis of flowering time in switchgrass using a pseudo-F2 population from an upland x lowland cross

31 Fike, John - Virginia Tech

USA switchgrass yield potential estimates using the PRISM-EM Model: A DOE-Sun Grant partnership effort

32 Weng, Xiaoyu - University of Texas

Global transcriptome analysis reveals key conserved photoperiod pathways and diurnal rhythms in Panicum Hallii

33 Johnson, Chelsea - University of Tennessee

Reproduction and bioconfinement of miR156 transgenic switchgrass